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What she said…
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Support your local GIRL GANG.

What she said…

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Support your local GIRL GANG.

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Vancouver Observer: Vancouver women leaders challenge sexism in media industry

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Miss Representation screening in Vancouver - Girl Gang - Projecting Change Film Festival

The Vancouver Observer’s Jenny Uechi offers a synopsis of last Saturday’s Projecting Change/Girl Gang co-presentation of the film Miss Representation as part of the newly launched blog Feminista:

At SFU’s Goldcorp Centre for the Arts, a panel discussion followed the screening of documentary Miss Representation.The film, presented by Projecting Change film festival and Girl Gang, examined the ongoing “misrepresentation” of women in mainstream media and its damaging impact on young women. A distinguished group of media specialists spoke on the issue of women in media at a panel discussion, moderated by UBC journalism professor Mary-Lynn Young.

Vancouver Observer founder and publisher Linda Solomon spoke of her experiences as one of the rare women in executive positions in the media, and how watching Miss Representation with staff opened her eyes to the way that media shapes public perceptions and attitudes about women. 

"The film made me wake up to the fact that participating in mindless celebrity gossip is not worth it, even if it brings us traffic," she said, noting the shift in tone of pop culture coverage on The Vancouver Observer since.

“Women need to tell our stories. Our voices need to be out there.” Filmmaker Aerlyn Weissman’s powerful voice resonated through the theatre.

"We’re appalled at the idea that the Taliban forbid women from singing in public. We’re appalled at the idea that (authorities) are starting to take women off of billboards in Israel because religious fundamentalists don’t want to see them in the public space. But the same thing is happening, essentially, with the market forces here — we are being erased from our own culture.”

Read the full post for more choice quotes like these…

NB: Linda Solomon, Vancouver Observer publisher and editor-in-chief, pointed out that the gender composition of her staff is exactly the inverse of that found throughout the industry, with women comprising roughly 70 percent.

When she spoke about screening Miss Representation for her team, audible happy gasps were heard throughout the audience. I hope to follow her example and be as conscientious a leader on any future teams I helm. Thank you, Linda, for setting the bar.

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